Wood Stains

We love hardwood flooring for the beauty of its unique characteristics; the patterns in the wood grain and the natural color of the wood make a subtle statement about the look and feel of your home. While these characteristics make for original floors with many happy homeowners, staining your hardwood floor can add another dimension to the overall look of your floors. Wood flooring comes in a wide variety of profiles, colors and wood species. Homeowners can decide which style best suits their budget, interior décor and maintenance habits. An important decision in attaining your ideal hardwood floor is to either apply a stain or to finish it in its natural appearance. It’s important to remember that wood stains are different from wood finishes. Hardwood floor stains alter the color of the natural wood while adding additional highlights to the wood grain patterns in your floor. After a floor is properly stained, it will need a protective top coat to seal and protect the floor from daily life—this is where a wood finish is used.

Wood Finishes

Adding a finish to your hardwood floor will help it withstand traffic and debris, and help prolong the life of your beautiful new flooring.


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Floor Cleaners

It is very important to use cleaners that are formulated specifically for hardwood floors so that you don’t cause any damage.


Preventive maintenance for wood floors involves protecting the finish from scratches, spills & moisture. We proudly support Bona Hardwood Floor Supplies.

Protection & Cleaning

Protect your new floor by installing floor protector pads on the bottom of all furniture. Place protective rugs or mats at all entrances to the area.


A wood floor is a living piece of art that you can transform to suit your personal style. We offer a one or two step system to restore and revive your floor.